O’Connor’s Texaco is closed


Eandc_2 It’s a one gas station town.

Construction fencing has gone up around the Texaco station in Cruz Bay as workers prepare to remove the underground fuel storage tanks, according to a report by the Virgin Islands Daily News.  The closing is due to plans to construct a traffic roundabout at the spot where five roads intersect.

That means the only place to get gasoline in Cruz Bay is E and C Service (pictured).  The service station recently remodeled and added self-service pumps.

The Daily News said Chevron, owner of the station, expects it may take two months to clear the area, while the latest estimate for the roundabout construction timetable is two years.

6 thoughts on “O’Connor’s Texaco is closed”

  1. Two years? Is this some inside joke? There is no way this turn around should take more than six months with every possible delay. Stateside this would be put out to bid with a bonus for everyday it comes in under schedule. It’s just a circle folks, with one of the streets a one way not contributing to inflow.
    This is going to a bid with a two year time table? Something is up here. I mean at what point do we stop using the “islands” excuse.
    here’s a link to how the bid should be structured from a real world example–the melted, collapsed interchange in California.
    or the original link

  2. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. We’re talking the VI’s here not California (wherein I live). It ain’t about when it happens to get finished, it’s about other stuff, if you know what I mean.
    When I left last week I didn’t see the fence up yet, but it was closed. That fence will make a great blind three way intersection.
    Hope Pine Peace station has lots of gas or the cars are filled. Mine wasn’t when I rented. So insist on full, although we know insisting may not work.
    God and the VI government work in strange ways

  3. “It’s the VI’s”
    that the excuse we allow them to use so they get away with it every time. it permeates all things on the islands. it ends, like it did in the US, when folks start demanding more—everyday in everything. years ago it was a legitimate excuse with the US appearing so far away. now it is just BS and should be stated as such. it’s cool to keep an island buzz going but that does not need to include ruining traffic flows for two years.
    my hope is with the new governor. i know it is a long shot.

  4. Patrick, those that live in the VI’s and those that have invests will have to work it out. I have no dog in the fight and if they feel like going on as they do, that is definitely up to them. I will support the local economy by spending my money and when I leave hand back the key. Have been doing it for about a dozen years and works very well.
    Let them toil in their own BS. When they decide they want help from those of us who have lived through a terrible earthquake and came back quicker than expected, let them ask.
    Until then they are their own worse enemy.
    Government not nice folks.

  5. here in the states local DOT put in two roundabouts on my street. each one took six months or less. would love to know what is going to take 2 years.

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