Ocean 362 Reopens Wednesday with New Menu

ocean 362 pic
The view from Ocean 362

Ocean 362, one of our favorite sunset spots on island, is set to reopen for season this Wednesday, October 5th, and when they do, they’ll be offering some great new items.

We got a glimpse of the new dinner and beverage menu over the weekend, and it looks great. A lot of the favorites are still there, but some great new dishes have been added as well. Check it out:



Ocean 362 is located in Cruz Bay at Gallows Point Resort. Speaking of Gallows Point Resort, we plan on announcing the winner of our four-day, three-night stay later today. Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “Ocean 362 Reopens Wednesday with New Menu”

      • Those prices indeed match Saint Barts. The writing is on the wall! there is no need to be a rocket scientist to notice what is happening to Saint John. VI Legislators have just approved new zoning laws for the Coral Bay yacht marina with a swanky hotel to be built. Concordia eco tents will be trashed for a exclusive resort. They quickly took away Maho bay campgrounds and now are taking away the Concordia campgrounds to keep the middle class vacationers out in order to make Coral bay and the east end exclusive for the elite.

  1. Last time I went here the service was HORRIBLE , the time before that the service was HORRIBLE,
    No Matter how good food is when the service sucks the experience sucks,
    But for those prices the food better be the best I’ve ever eaten in the Virgin Islands… The prices of the drinks are just laughable and unapproachable. Charging an average of $14 a drink is crazy no matter what the ingredients !!! $9.00 for a mocktail ? I guess just make sure you lube your backside before you walk into the door cause your probably about to get…

  2. Thought we might give it a try next time…..but with those prices…..I think we’ll skip this place. Rather have my money go a little further – even on STJ!

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