Ocean 362 Launches Summer Menu & New Local Discount Program

sunset drink

Ocean 362 over at Gallows Point is, by far, one of our favorite places to have a cocktail and watch the sunset. The views are incredible, the service is great, and the food and drinks are some of the best on island.To make things even better, they just launched a new summer menu, a local discount program and they now have live music twice a week. Here are all of the details…

Let’s start with the local discount pass: Chef Shaun Brian Sells wants us locals to feel appreciated, so he has begun offering 15 percent off our entire bill on each visit. All you need is to get one of these passes and voila – money saved!

local passlocal pass 2

Next up is the new summer menu. Chef Shaun Brian has added several new and affordable dishes including a smoked local fish dip appetizer – a wahoo caught by Matthew Driscoll and world class Chris the Fisherman – for $12, a salt fish kimchee pancake appetizer for $11, and a torched St. Andre brie for dessert among other items. They all look amazing. Check out the pics:

Local Fish Dip
Local Fish Dip
Salt Fish Kimchee
Salt Fish Kimchee

Here are the full menus:

new menu

dessert menudrink menu

And lastly, the live music. It happens twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I’m not sure about all of you but great new food items, money saved and live music all sound pretty fantastic to me.

live music

sunset boat

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