Notice:  Services Closed at Honeymoon Beach

Notice: Services Closed at Honeymoon Beach

Good Morning to you all!  Yesterday Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon announced that the services at Honeymoon Beach would be closed as of today for unexpected maintenance and repairs for a period of time.  This includes the shuttle from Caneel Bay parking lot, VI Eco Tours and water sports rentals and all of the other services provided at the beach.

This sudden announcement from the bar and grill at Honeymoon Beach on St. John came late yesterday afternoon:

Notice: Services Closed at Honeymoon Beach 1

I spoke with Sybille last night to send my condolences and she assured me that she would let me know as soon as they have a re-opening date.

Now, this announcement does NOT pertain to Honeymoon Beach itself.  The beach itself is open to foot traffic via the hiking trail from town and is also accessible by boat.  Just like it always was before the installation of the shuttle system from Caneel and prior to 2017.

Notice: Services Closed at Honeymoon Beach 2

According to Virgin Islands law, all beaches in the USVI are considered public up to fifty feet from the shoreline and/or the tree line.  Whichever comes first.  But, the buildings and equipment pertaining to the services offered by Bikini’s are private property so please steer clear of that area as maintenance is performed.

If you are hiking to Honeymoon to enjoy a beach day, you’ll access the water from the southwest end, where the Lind Point trail meets the beach.  If you are arriving via boat, please remember the swim area is still that and “rafting up” to a beach in the swim area is not authorized.  Use the channel on the southwest end of the shoreline to access the beach by dinghy or the mooring balls in Honeymoon or Caneel Bay for your larger vessels.

If you have dinner or activity reservations with Bikini’s or VI Eco Tours, please contact them to reschedule or arrange for a refund.  I’ll be following this story and hoping to get you an update soon but wanted to make sure you all had the appropriate info as it rolls out.  Have a great Wednesday!

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14 thoughts on “Notice: Services Closed at Honeymoon Beach”

  1. Thank you for the update! Unfortunately, the Honeymoon_beach_st_john Instagram page stated last night that the entire beach is off limits. It lead some commenters to wonder what would shut down an entire public beach…
    The comment section to that post has been deleted.

    • Maybe someone will run the dinghy shuttle again??? Don’t mind hiking in but like catching a cab back in the afternoon!

  2. Amen Dave! Spent years hiking from Caneel Bay to Cruz Bay for lunch/dinner back when 10 people were a crowd. We bought a place on Exuma in the Bahamas since those beaches are much less crowded. Love St J from our numerous visits but it’s like Coney Island now, especially with what Maho has become.

  3. I was told by long-time annual guests they were not allowed to get onto Honeymoon Beach after they descended from the Lind Point Trail in January. They reported it to the young woman at VINP visitor desk.

  4. Will there be alternate transportation for diners at Zozo’s. I believe Ecotours was the company that transported restaurant guests from Caneel bay parking lot.

  5. I was just there last week. The beach is very quiet since there are no concessions. Not many people at all. The area looks a little abandoned these days but the beach is still perfect. I hiked in from Cruz bay on the Lind Point trail but hiked out up to the old parking lot at the top of the Caneel spur trail. Unfortunately that parking lot doesn’t exist anymore and they are building some kind of housing or something there. I just hung out there on the side of the road until a Taxi came by. Took about 15 mins of waiting but it was way better than hiking all the way back out to Cruz Bay after a long day on the beach.

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