“No way Fatty Crab can make it on St. John”

Fatty"I had no reason to think it could," says Zac Pelaccio, founder of the New York-based Fatty Crab chain which opened a branch on the island earlier this year.  

Writing in Food and Wine magazine, the island villa owner remembered that he and some friends were vacationing while "Hopping from beach to beach … repeating to ourselves, "There's no way this island could support a Fatty Crab." Too few people, 4,100 year round; least developed Caribbean island, no golf course or airport.

About a year later, Fatty Crab opened, getting great reviews.  Trip Advisor gives it 4 1/2 stars.

Partnering with a New York wine distributor, Pelaccio said he wanted the island edition "to have the same scrappy independent vibe" as the Gotham eateries.  "That meant local ingredients, plenty of spicy flavors, high-acid wines and rock and roll played just a little bit too loud."

"St. John is such a small island that once people heard about us, they started showing up at the back door with bags of mangos, papayas, tomatoes, limes and stalks of lemongrass, which grows wild on the hillsides," he said.

Now, Pelaccio says, " St. John is a perfect place for a restaurant."

9 thoughts on ““No way Fatty Crab can make it on St. John””

  1. I agree, deceiving headline and I also wish it were not so expensive. The staff however are phenomenal and I’ve always enjoyed the experience.

  2. Yes,it is expensive and it’s one of the best places on the island for a fun dinner that’s not the usual fare. When I’m on vacation, I want to have one splurge. And this one is much better, IMHO, than Asolare.

  3. We are long time St John visitors and have a home here. We were very disappointed in the cost and small quantity of the food presented. We thought it would be more of a New England picnic table “clam shack” type of place which would really go over well in St John

  4. I have no desire to try this place, regardless of price. McDonalds makes a good strawberry shake but I would pass it by too if they built one on island.

  5. A 10 day vacation in Paradise does require meals. The most challenging part of a St John vacation is finding a good meal. Love the beaches, the Westin and snorkeling but we have tried different islands the last few vacations.

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