No smoking on St. John, maybe

NosmokeA new 'No Smoking' law  went into effect this week but it's not being enforced. 

The Health Department says its enforcement officers do not have ticket books, the Virgin Islands Daily News reported.

There's also confusion about the law.  While it prohibits smoking within 20 feet of a door or window of a business or public place, what does that mean for open air eateries like the Lime Inn Chris Meyer, owner of the popular restaurant, says she thinks it means smoking at the outdoor bar is OK but not under the roof of the restaurant.  "It's the law," she told the St. John Source.

The general manager of Woody's is taking no chances.  Mike Hedy told the Daily News he asks folks not to take their cigarettes across the street so they'll be 20 feet away.  Hedy says they don't mind. "They're just happy they don't have to pay $15 a pack (like they do back in the States)," he said.

According to some analysts, the No Smoking law means you couldn't walk from the Cruz Bay ferry dock to Wharfside, because the sidewalk is lined with businesses.

The Health Department has said it will not begin enforcing the law until Feb. 10.

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