No more sushi names, thank you

OK, we're up to about 110 suggestions for the La Plancha guys to consider for their new sushi restaurant. We'll pack 'em up into one list and send them over.  If they like one and choose it, the suggester gets a free lunch.  Woo-Hoo!

The latest:

  • Bananakeet Sushi
  • Blue Sushi
  • Bushwacker Sushi
  • Caribbean Sushi
  • Cruz Bay Sushi
  • Desperately seeking Sushi
  • Donkey Sushi
  • DownTimin' Sushi
  • Ech ni sun chi Sushi
  • Gecko Sushi
  • Gonzo Sushi
  • Happy Dish Sushi
  • Hurricane Sushi
  • Island Time Sushi
  • IslandBoys Sushi
  • La Nemo Sushi
  • Left Side Sushi
  • limin' Sushi
  • Lionfish Sushi
  • NoBeef Sushi
  • Pappy Pish Sushi
  • Pick Up Sticks
  • Plantain Sushi
  • Sea Pearl Sushi
  • Seamoss Sushi
  • She sells Sushi by the Seashore
  • Slider's Sushi
  • Starfish Sushi
  • Stinky Pinky Sushi
  • Sushi anyone?
  • Sushi by the bay
  • Sushi island
  • Sushi meson
  • Sushi on the Rock
  • Sushi Sun
  • Taino Sushi
  • The bait shop
  • Tickle Me Sushi
  • Y Worry


4 thoughts on “No more sushi names, thank you”

  1. I think Jeffrey should win free lunch for ‘Su Sea’, even if the name isn’t chosen. It is the only name that is truly clever and worthy of the official name. Please, Frank, do the right thing and award him the free lunch. What good is a contest if there is no winner?

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