No gas

Neither of the island’s two stations had gasoline to sell at midweek. 

The Domino Oil Co. failed to restock its Virgin Islands stations, the Daily News reported.  The newspaper quoted a company executive saying its Coral Bay station, and half a dozen outlets on St. Thomas, also out of gas, would get deliveries "within the next week." 

When the Coral Bay station ran out, E&C Service in Cruz Bay suddenly found itself with much greater demand. Its tanks ran dry, too. E&C was back in business Wednesday afternoon after getting a shipment of the fuel it regularly purchases from the HOVENSA refinery on St. Croix, the newspaper reported.

Only in the VI’s, eh?  At $4 a gallon, too.  Imagine how the car rental agencies had to scurry.  Fortunately, the problem occurred (1) at midweek, and (2) not during high season.  Can it happen again?  What do you want to bet you see people filling plastic gasoline cans for backup now?

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