No free sushi lunch

Doesn't look like the la Plancha guys are changing their minds. They're going to keep the Sushi Zero name for the eatery they plan to open at the Marketplace in a week or two.

Last week, on word of plans to move into the Happy Fish space, some readers were angry.  "Sushi Zero" stirred emotions.

La Plancha's co owner, Jason, was floored by the reaction. "I gueMss we underestimated the negative effect of the name." he said. "Re-thinking it as we speak!"


But rethink has apparently turned to rethunk because there's a new logo out there for the place – looks like they're just calling it Zero – despite suggestions from more than 100 NewsofStjohn,com readers offering alternatives. So, the Inquiring Iguana's offer of a free lucnh to the person who's sugegstion might have been adopted .. well, that's off the table now.

There is a Sushi Zero restaurant. It's in Vancouver.

Best of luck to the sushi spot at the Marketplace.  They're hiring.

13 thoughts on “No free sushi lunch”

  1. I mean, really? Let them call it what they want. You’re gonna offend someone with just about ANYTHING! Or am I misunderstanding the controversy?… I’m not a fan…. I’d suggest ‘ZERO Sushi and/or BAIT Shop’. I’m just sayin’……

  2. Well, I think I’ll just roll right on down the street and grab an All-American burger at Woody’s. Woody’s is American, right?

  3. Yes he is keeping the name “Zero” but the logo is completly diferent. It’s not the picture of a Japanese Zero straffing like they did in Pearl Harbor….Al

  4. Jason, It is to bad on your part ,you do not understand why . You need to ask the family’s of the MARINES,NAVY,ARMY, AND 50,000,00 people KILLED. In WW2

  5. You do realize that US and Japanese Vets have met for reunions, including one with Zero pilots and US at Pearl Harbor in recent years. And all found it cathartic and friendships were formed. Look it up.
    Plus, looks like they’ve changed the logo.

  6. I personally cannot wait to give it a try! They changed the connotation of the name, so it is time to chill out a bit. Anyone who knows these guys know that they aren’t out to offend. My first thought when people got so upset about the name is that they probably already did all of the work to get the biz license with Zero Sushi. Anyone familiar with the depth of paperwork and bureaucracy in the VIs knows that changing a name…well, forget about it.

  7. I refuse to go there. The logo was offesive indeed, but the name is still wrong. It’s like “Hey lets open a German strudel bakery called the Auschwitz Oven” …. but the logo is cool now after we changed it and doesn’t offend anyone (as far as our narrow minds think) so lets go with it.
    Have a fun time paying your rent. You people sicken me.

  8. RichB and Emily, I support your boycott. Please post the amount of boycotters (That’s a made up word) that you can muster and estimate the amount of sushi that they can consume in a year.
    In my own special kind of protest, I hereby promise to go to this uppity sushi place and eat twice as much sushi as all of the boycotters combined!
    We shall overcome!

  9. i’m blown away that people think they have the right to name a restaurant they do not own and reminded that this is why i didn’t like living on st john (the st john ego is too big)
    personally i can’t wait to eat there, i’m a huge fan of la plancha del mar!!!!

  10. I think Jeffrey should win free lunch for ‘Su Sea’, even if the name isn’t chosen. It is the only name that is truly clever and worthy of the official name. Please, Frank, do the right thing and award him the free lunch. What good is a contest if there is no winner?

  11. I am not offended. I was not offended by Blue Oyster Cult’s third album with a Me 262 on the cover and a song with the same name.
    Check out The Restaurant Mustang in Berlin (http://www.mustang-berlin.de/) Hmm, does that get boycotted?
    I wonder how many Iraquis and Vietnamse whose families were carpet bombed boycott the B52’s. (They’re missing some good tunes for sure) 🙂

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