New restaurant in Stone Terrace location


Nile and Courtney Wright have leased the former Stone Terrace restaurant space in Cruz Bay. They are planning to open a moderately-priced Mexican restaurant in about two months. (Picture at left is from Nile's Facebook page.)

“My wife and I are looking forward to making the tastefully built building in prime location become alive again!,” Wright told the Inquiring Iguana.

“Our overall theme is eclectic Mexican cuisine that is upscale, but not overly pricey,” he said. 

Given the perceived uncertainty about the island’s best known upscale restaurants, Wright’s decision to be mid-range makes a lot of sense.

In fact, Wright's talking about value meals. “ It is also very important to me to not only serve excellent tasting food, but to give our customers hefty portions for plenty of leftovers.”

Doggy bags on St. John.  That would be a first!

But man cannot live by tacos and enchiladas alone, he said. “We also going to roll out our signature drink, the ‘Mexican Martini’, that is served with a full shaker for multiple refills."

10 thoughts on “New restaurant in Stone Terrace location”

  1. One of the great things about Mexican food is that it isn’t eclectic. Just make good Mexican food at a decent price and they will come. Leave off the eclectic part.
    /I know Mexican food.

  2. Best of luck!! That’s a fabulous location, so if you can deliver decent food at a reasonable value you’ll have a winner. We’ll be sure to stop in next visit.

  3. Best of luck with the new restaurant!
    Tasty food, ample portions and large drinks for a fair price will do extremely well.
    I agree with Allan, leave the eclectic part for places with a higher price point. It will just confuse folks and eat into your food cost. Fresh and simple wins.

  4. Wish you lots of luck! My wife and I will be there in June(wish it were sooner) We look forward to stopping there for a dinner one night…I also agree with the other comments, leaving the eclectic part out makes sense. Good quality food, strong margaritas (don’t skimp on the tequilla) and good service (great example of that is Rich at the Lime Inn) and you’ll have a winner…

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