News of St. John Gets a Few Upgrades


You may notice that the site has a bit of a different look today. That’s because we felt it was time to perform a few upgrades so that all of you are better informed about the daily happenings of St. John.

First, we retired Mr. Frank Barnako’s Inquiring Iguana logo and plan to replace it with a more island-friendly one. In the meantime, we’ve added some simple text to describe the site.

Second, we added a new page titled “Island Information.” This page includes a complete list of useful links and information. You can scroll through the list or simply click on one of the links at the top to be brought that that section.

Third, everybody loves webcams so we decided to add an entire page dedicate to such. Please click the images on the page to see live pictures of the island 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fourth, we added an Events page. This should become your go-to spot for island events. You have a few different ways to view this page. You can choose “Leaderboard” to see the page listed with images as seen below, or you can click the button to view events by day, week, month or in a list. This page is evolving and new events will be added weekly.

Lastly, we decided to move all of our Daily STJ images to one page. These images will no longer be posted on our main page, as that space will be dedicated to our daily news stories. Please click the Daily STJ tab above to view all of our images. As one reader Linda mentioned on our Facebook page, it’s like taking a mini trip to the island.

We hope you like the new changes, and as always, if you have a suggestion on a way we can do better, please contact us by clicking here.

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