New Webcam Alert- Picture Yourself at Honeymoon Beach!

New Webcam Alert- Picture Yourself at Honeymoon Beach!

Good Morning All!  I hope that you all had an absolutely beautiful holiday weekend filled with friends, family, good eats and lots and lots of gratitude.  I, personally, had a last minute opportunity to be with my ENTIRE family in Portland, Oregon for the long holiday weekend.  It was absolutely glorious to gather with all of my people.  But, man oh man, it is COLD up there for this island girl!  Like a lot of you during this time of year, as the fall creeps out and winter seeps in, I found myself turning to images of white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters for little internal warm-up moments 🙂   And in my searches, I noticed a new St. John webcam!

Sweep yourself a way for a few moments on this beautiful day, for a little beach break, while you go about your daily duties on a likely more than busy Monday.   This new webcam, sponsored by Bikini’s on the Beach at Honeymoon, was launched last week.  And what perfect timing as things start to get a bit chilly to the north of our Caribbean blue waters…

I am happily headed home to St. John today and I am so excited to be back.  Even short trips away remind me what I have to be grateful for in calling this beautiful place my home.  When will you be making the trek back down?  I hope to see you all soon 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Webcam Alert- Picture Yourself at Honeymoon Beach!”

  1. We were in St John last week and its always WONDERFUL. I find that we don’t see as much sea life when we snorkel in November vs August visits. And ohh the people we saw spraying the sunscreen that is NOT reef friendly. The waters were rough a few days due to storms but nothing to ruin our trip! Lots of construction going on with roads, new homes and it looked like some business(s). Much more crowded this Thanksgiving than last but I guess people are getting out more now. Thanks for the newsletter, we read daily.

  2. Hillary,
    We live 15 minutes north of PDX, in SW Wash., so I always enjoy hearing about your Portland visits. You can actually appreciate the distance/time it takes to visit beautiful St. John. St. John has been our January destination since 2011, to escape the cold, wet winters. Can’t wait to hop on the Ferry!!!
    Thanks for the info on the new webcam!
    Enjoy the Holidays!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE St.Johns..
    We used to do Thanksgiving there ..
    Then hurricane came..

    So 2022 is the next time we plan to visit!!


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