New Video Series Featuring Love City Locals

New Video Series Featuring Love City Locals

A few weeks ago, we highlighted ancestral St. Johnian, Ital Delroy Anthony in our first “Local Livin'” profile.

When I saw this amazing video pop up on Facebook yesterday, I was beyond excited!

I reached out to the videographer, Spencer Chaney, about permission to share this with you and about our dual interests in sharing the stories of the beautiful individuals who make up the Love City Community.

Spencer has just moved to St. John and started his company, Island Media Co.  His goal with this mini-series, Rooted in the Caribbean, is to “give a voice to the unheard.”

This is episode 1 and I, personally, am very excited about seeing more of his work!



5 thoughts on “New Video Series Featuring Love City Locals”

  1. No words… just tears!!!
    “Hats Off” to YOU, Spencer!!!!
    The “REAL” St. John!
    Just as SOON as I am able, I plan to get one of those BEAUTIFUL necklaces made by Ital Delroy Anthony!!! Your work is STUNNING!!!
    Can’t wait!!! LOVEcity!!!

  2. Very nice. A great idea. Definitely want to see more stories on native St. Johnians and their lives. They are why many of visit their island – to visit and get to know them and enjoy the gifts of nature on the island.

  3. Excellent work! We need to hear more stories about the local people. Ital has been around for a long time. Glad to see he’s getting some recognition. Nice to hear local people’s point of view. Good advice

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