New VI park for Coral Bay

Pr37carolina Ernest Marsh once owned all of Estate Carolina, i.e. most of Coral Bay.

The National Park Service explains, "Established in 1717, Estate Carolina was the first and wealthiest sugar estate on St. John Island." A Bay Rum factory in the plantation is pictured here.

On his death, Marsh's five children inherited the land.  The family Trust has now proposed the Virgin Islands turn 170 acres of it, near the water, into a Territorial park, according to a story in the St. John Source.

Word of the offer came at this week's groundbreaking for a watershed project in Coral Bay.

Sen. Craig Barshinger said the Legislature will be asked to contribute 25 percent of the cost of designing the park and acquiring the land.  The balance of the money, hopefully, will be raised through private contributions made to the Conservation Fund, the Source reported. (Read the Source!  Excellent source of info about all three islands.)

The proposed park is near where the Marsh family heirs plan a mixed residential/commercial development.

The Inquiring Iguana did a bit of rooting around on Google and found a link to a story about an Ernest Marsh, a painter of St. John.  Might be the same patriarch.

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  1. Speaking of patriarchs, was the Alfred Lockhart in the picture in the newspaper link Ronnie Lockhart’s father? Ronnie Lockhart of Crystal Palace fame.

  2. Great suggestion! Please preserve all of St john that is possible! I don’t want to see it turn into all the other islands!

  3. i hope this new development will not be complete in my lifetime!!!Coral Bay will never be the same..tennis courts, ampitheater,shopping mall!! OMG.

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