New TV Show Features Some Familiar Spots

below deck yacht
The yacht featured on the new TV show – Below Deck.

If you’re like me, you soak up anything and everything related to the Virgin Islands, whether it be the US or British. Well today we’d like to tell you about a new TV show that features several familiar spots – Below Deck.

Below Deck is an hour-long show on the Bravo channel that follows the lives of a group of people working on a megayacht in the Caribbean. It’s pretty interesting in that it really allows you to take a peek into what it’s like to work on these megayachts, as well as the lives of those who have the means to charter these extraordinary boats. (Yes, it’s a reality show so it’s probably partially scripted, but it still gives you an idea…) In all honesty, I’m completely hooked.

below-deck-logoSeason One was filmed in St. Maarten and aired last summer. Season Two premiered last Tuesday and was filmed entirely in the British Virgin Islands. How exciting is that?!

Ok, you may be asking why this is so exciting to me … Well, as I mentioned, I love anything and everything having to do with the Virgin Islands. What I find particularly cool about this show is that they filmed in a ton of locations that we all know and love. Episode one, for example, showed clips from the Soggy Dollar Bar over on Jost van Dyke. I kept looking for one of our favorite boat captains (who might as well call the Soggy his second home – sorry Island Sue!) to show up but no such luck.

I did, however, see Southern Hospitality in the background during the first episode which was pretty cool. Southern Hospitality is a gorgeous 46-foot charter boat based out of St. John. (It also happens to be owned by the same man I recently bought my Jeep from – thanks Bruce!)

The trailer for this season shows more familiar spots like the Baths on Virgin Gorda and more. Below Deck airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on the Bravo channel. Check it out and let us know if you spot anyone you know.

6 thoughts on “New TV Show Features Some Familiar Spots”

  1. I saw Soggy Dollar last week! Can’t wait to watch more episodes & see even more places, people we know. Love this show!!!!

  2. You know that this TV show should be a Big Hit… Been looking a long time for some entertainment like this… to share ‘ Natures Little Secrets’ and where ‘Old Salts’ call it home….

  3. So there was a behind the scenes article on the show I read after the first season had aired. In reality the show chartered the boat for I think 3 weeks and the crew members aren’t really crew of that boat, they are cast members who have worked on yachts before. The “charters” were all pre-arranged as part of the show. The only two real crew from the boat were the captain and the first mate. You kind of got that vibe at the end because everyone kind of went their separate ways.

    • And there you have “reality” TV. (All of those shows are staged) I can live with the drama to see some of my fav island places. 😀

  4. Wheww….. just watched but for the few seconds I got to see something beautiful, there was a whole lotta crap to watch in between. Not sure I’ll be able to stomach another episode. The drama level is a bit off the charts for me!

  5. Having worked on diving live aboards I can tell you the drama is staged. No owner or Captain would tolerate any of it. It is very hard work, not a free moment, and absolutely NO time for such antics.

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