New Travel Protocol Clarifications

New Travel Protocol Clarifications

Good Morning, Good Morning!  A TON of you have been writing in with upcoming travel on the horizon with questions in regards to the new vaccination protocols for travel.  And I apologize for the lack of response but I really didn’t know the answers until yesterday morning when the USVI Travel Portal updated to reflect the new changes.

The short answers to your commonly asked questions are as follows:

  • No, you do not need a booster to qualify your vaccination for travel.  For Johnson & Johnson, you will need proof of your one shot.  For Moderna & Pfizer, proof of the two shots.  All vaccinations must be fully completed outside of 14 days of travel
  • For the kiddos:  All children ages five and older must EITHER have the same proof of vaccination as the adults OR provide a negative COVID-19 test within five days of travel.
  • YES-  The Department of Tourism 800 number has been ringing busy for me as well.  For over a week!  I just spoke with someone who was very helpful at the COVID-19 hotline through the Department of Health who directed me to the USVI Update site to find this info.

Here is the detailed screen shot from the USVI Department of Tourism website:

New Travel Protocol Clarifications 1

New Travel Protocol Clarifications 2

The travel screening portal should, as of yesterday, be updated to allow for vaccination cards to be uploaded in order to obtain the green code.  If you are not fully vaccinated, that’s ok!  You are still welcome in the USVI but will need to obtain a negative rapid or PCR COVID-19 test within five days of travel and upload it to the portal.

Oh, and one more clarification based on some comments that have rolled in.  Yes, we all understand that vaccinated people can still transmit and carry COVID-19.  However, the likelihood of vaccinated individuals landing in one of our very limited hospital beds is much less than that of an unvaccinated individual.  This is not Miami or Cleveland.  We do not have world class facilities with hundreds of hospital beds.  Our healthcare infrastructure is fragile and cannot handle the millions of tourists annually who arrive in our airports.  So, I believe the new vaccination protocol is designed in order to protect our hospitals and healthcare workers from being overwhelmed.

Thanks for following along to you all…I hope this was helpful!

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  1. Any word on timing? Do you still have to submit the info within 5 days of travel? Or can it now be done more in advance if a test is not required?

  2. Hi thank you for all your info!! Someday when the usvi questions simmer down could you do a quick story on the BVI requirements? Aka hey your going to Jost on the ferry for a day, this is what you need. Thank you YOUR AWESOME!!!

    • my wife has been caring for covid patients at a major hospital since this began. less than 10% of them have been vaccinated.

    • Joe Grady you are absolutely correct. Just look at Israel for true data. Additionally, the more shots and boosters you get the MORE susceptible people will be as it weakens your immune system. So if the VIs are going to keep encouraging people to get all of these jabs they WILL end up with an overrun hospital/health care system. These are facts

  3. I had Covid in January. The CDC does not recommend a re-test for 90 days. Does my positive test count as a test result?

  4. Hi…we sent our info and only received tracking IDs….when we “track” the status is ‘pre-approval’. We did our info on Monday 3/7 right after the portal was updated. We thought we read somewhere that you get a ‘yellow’ code…then green once good to go. We have received neither and are getting anxious as we are traveling to St John as domestics on 3/14. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks,

    • Any update on yours? We are in the exact same situation. Shows as “Pre approval” and entered on 7 march … to be fair it was a week ahead, but is now 4 days so would like this sorted so I can move on to packing! LOL

    • Good advise thru out. Could you advise on Jost and BVI requirements?? and possible ferry transportation. Does the ferry go from Jost to Soggy after going to Foxy’s?

  5. My husband & I are fully vaccinated + had our booster shots. We plan to visit St. John on June 1st and wanted to know how soon I could upload my vaccine card info or do I need to wait until closer to my arrive on June 1st? Please let me know…thanks!

  6. I applied to the Travel Screening Portal on 3/8 for a 3/16 flight. Still haven’t received approval. When I try to track is says I am putting in incorrect information. Can’t call as the number is permanently busy. I emailed and received an automated ticket # but no reply. Anyone have any ideas?

  7. Do you still have to wait for the 5 days within travel time to upload your vaccination card if you have the 2 shots (Pfizer)…..OR…..since I still have the 2 shots & a vaccination card, can I upload that to the portal outside/before the 5-day window (since no test result is needed)?

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