New Store Opening in Cruz Bay


For those of you who’ve been lucky enough to wander through Cruz Bay lately, you may have noticed some work going on in two storefronts located below Castaway’s. Well we’re excited to tell you that in the very near future, a great new shop is set to open in that space. It’s called Wasted Sun, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Wasted Sun is a surf and skateboard shop that sells a variety of clothes, sunglasses, accessories and of course, surfboards and skateboards. Its Cruz Bay location – Wasted Sun also has a few stateside shops – will also sell clothes that have a local flair, according to one if its owners. They’re pretty psyched to be opening up a store here on island, and so are we.

Not only is it exciting to get a new clothing store on island, but it’s also nice to see that section of town get a makeover of sorts. As you probably know, Castaway’s opened an upstairs deck last year and revamped its menu prompting a larger crowd to pass through its doors, and The Longboard is set to open just across the street in the space formerly occupied by Joe’s Diner. The Longboard is going to have a very laid back, coastal vibe and its food has been described to us as being “coastal cantina.” They’ve been super busy working over there as well, so we expect to see them open their doors within the next month or so.


In the meantime, you can check out Wasted Sun over on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wastedsun.

6 thoughts on “New Store Opening in Cruz Bay”

  1. The roads are either too steep or poor condition for skateboards, and except for storm effect surf, the beaches on St. John are usually too calm for surfing. Do we really need this rather than a convenient store in mid-town to buy some pringles and a six pack?

  2. I really wish them well but agree with Caribmark. I just don’t get the surf theme in the Virgin Islands. Reef Bay gets a few swells but no long breakers.

    But there is the little market in front of Rhumblines for the pringles and sixer. So we got that going for us.

  3. Okay, sorry, I glanced instead of “looked” and am glad this will not affect Bayside. It’s a great little reasonably priced place to get odds and ends to eat and drink. So, good luck to them trying to sell surfboards and skateboards on the mountainous rock that floats in calm waters.

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