New St. John House Hunters Int’l Episode Airs

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So back in October, we told all of you how we stumbled on a House Hunters International crew while they were filming over at Cruz Bay Landing. They were shooting an episode about a young Chicago couple who were looking to purchase a condo on St. John. Well that episode aired last night, and today’s we’d like to tell you all about it.

Last night’s episode followed around Sandra Brochu and Barkley Anderson. The two are originally from Chicago but decided to move to St. John after the “Polar Vortex” wreaked havoc on their Chicago loft. According to the episode, Barkley’s been visiting the island for more than 20 years. They also mentioned how they were married on island.

Marty Beecher of Islandia Real Estate showed them around the island. They checked out condos at Battery Hill, Pastory Condos and Cruz Views.

house 1 house 2 house 3

They also stopped by Cruz Bay Landing to “sample a rum flight.” That’s the part of filming I stumbled on back in October.



The Episode

rum flight

They also showed some familiar face and some inconsistencies. Let us know if you could spot them all…

Jay Rushing

Captain Ben



At least they didn’t include footage of monkeys like they did a few years ago. Curious which condo they chose? Well you’re going to have to episode to find out. 🙂

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  1. We spotted the JJ’s sign through the park and had a good laugh. Too bad they didn’t include Captain’s Corner a little to the left. Miss both those places.

  2. We were at Cruz Views and watched the taping of the episode. So sorry to have missed the show last night, need to know which home they chose, though. John

  3. This couple looks so alike to me I would not be surprised if I were told they were biologically brother and sister…

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