New Snack Shack Opens at Honeymoon

honeymoon snack shack

It’s almost like our prayers have been answered … ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

How many of you have trucked on down to Honeymoon Beach lugging what seemed like 20 pounds of chairs, coolers, snacks, fins and other beach gear only to realized once you stepped foot on the sand that you forgot your favorite adult beverage or perhaps something to nibble on? I know I’m not the only one… 🙂 Well if you’re like me, you’re in luck because a brand new snack shack just opened at Honeymoon Beach!

The folks over at Cannella Gelateria & Coffee Shop located on Caneel’s main property recently expanded and are now offering beer, wine and snacks down at Honeymoon Beach. They plan to serve lunch in the near future as well. So no more trekking up the hill in the sun to get a sandwich or adult libation when hanging out at Honeymoon or Soloman beaches. How exciting!

We’re not sure whether the new snack shack will be able to validate parking coupons, but we assume they would as the main Cannella does. One more thing to point out, the snack shack currently only accepts cash.

honeymoon drinks

honeymoon snacks

13 thoughts on “New Snack Shack Opens at Honeymoon”

  1. Is there no end to what MORE will cram itself on to Honeymoon? Lemmings from day cruises, Ecco tour stuff, now a snack “Shack”? When is enough TOO much? I have to say for sure, NOW… Honeymoon used to be a place to enjoy natures beauty and now it is terribly over populated. The water and shore-scape there is still a thing of incredible beauty but Caneel has done St John a disservice with this one.

  2. Stop crying people. Get over it.
    The people who pay for you island now don’t have to carry a cooler down. It’s great m, I hope they put one On Frincis, and Maho.

  3. I am not local either- am a regular visitor since late 60s! I gave seen MANY
    changes to this island since my first time here and I can tell you that encroachment upon the pristine, specifically this latest shack idea, Breaks the bubble of pure beauty that has been known as St. John. I am happy to bring to any beach all that I need, and then take it away so the beach remains as it was intended – a thing of natural beauty.

  4. OK, let’s get some perspective. The operative word here is “shack”. Good bad or indifferent; it’s not a permanent structure; the beach and surrounding area were not damaged in the act of building it. Da hurricane she come, da shack she go away. Unlike some of the monstrosities that are going up around the island. And unlike the proposed Coral Bay Marina.

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