New Rum Bar Coming to Cruz Bay

New Rum Bar Coming to Cruz Bay 1
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Well folks, we’ve been waiting to tell you about this for awhile, and we’ve finally received the go ahead! A new rum bar is coming to Cruz Bay! How excited does that make all of you rum lovers out there??! And even better, it’s somewhat of a wine bar too. Now that makes me excited! I can’t wait!

New Rum Bar Coming to Cruz Bay 2The new spot is called Lovango Rum Bar, and it is set to open later this month. The Lovango Rum Bar will be located directly above Drink, across the street from the beach in Cruz Bay. And seeing that it’s on the second floor, it has amazing views of Cruz Bay harbor and beyond.

Lovango Rum Bar is going to be more than just a bar. It’s actually a rum distillery with more than 100 types of rum to choose from. And as we mentioned above, it will have 100 wines to choose from and even a rentable wine cellar. Looking for something to munch on? Well they plan to serve a variety of artisan pizza specialties too.

This will be John Yob’s second bar here on St. John. He also owns Maho Crossroads on the North Shore. The Lovango Rum Bar will be managed by Mike Ramsey, a former owner of Woody’s.

And a quick little side note: Lovango Rum is not affiliated with the proposed hotel out on Lovango Cay. Lovango Rum Bar was named prior to the announcement of the Lovango hotel, owner John Yob told me earlier this week.

Lovango Rum Bar is expected to open within the next few weeks. We will keep you all posted. In the meantime, have a great day everyone!




11 thoughts on “New Rum Bar Coming to Cruz Bay”

  1. Wow cool!!! We got to Gallows Point on Wednesday and have walked by several times and never noticed. I guess we never looked up LOL! We’ll see if it opens before we leave on the 18th. Thanks Jenn

  2. Sounds like a great new place to check out. Any word yet on the Beach Bar. We went to The Slippery Noodle in Indy last weekend. Rev Raven and the Chain Smokin Alter Boys said they are booked there in Feb. They are fantastic! So must be close to opening up again.

  3. Sounds great! With 100 types of rum, I’ll be hoping that they have a Peanut Butter rum. A friend in Puerto Rico makes it (kinda like a ‘Bailey’s’ texture), and it’s SO good. Maybe make a suggestion…?

  4. I’m not a rum or wine drinker, so I’ll get my Cosmo(vodka) downstairs at Drink. We will def check this place out! Food is huge plus too. Isn’t Mike, the manager part owner of Drink too? Jon is from Grand Rapids, Mi where we live. Wishing him best of luck on his venture. See y’all in March!

  5. I love rum, and I’m very sad that they are using the “Love-and-Go” myth to sell their rum. The name Lovango is of African origin, and erasing that to sell rum is very hurtful to protecting our beautiful history. It is also disrespectful to the local community, as this is a name that was passed down after they were first enslaved. I hope they reconsider that marketing technique. There are a million ways to market a local rum that are not so disrespectful.

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