New property tax bills issued

As promised, the Virgin islands Division of Property has mailed its second tax bill this year.

The bills for 2008 taxes, using the old assessed valuations, are due Aug. 20.  Owners who pay before that date will receive a five percent discount, according to the Office of the Lt. Governor, as reported by the St. John Source.

Delinquent penalty fees may be assessed if the taxes are not paid by Jan. 20, 2012.

4 thoughts on “New property tax bills issued”

  1. this all smacks of possibly something more than simply tax collection. The Gov is pounding the taxpayers at this point simply to keep themselves in their preferred lifestyle while making little or no sacrifice themselves. Why does the head of DPNR drive (at least Mathes did) the largest, fully outfitted SUV GM manufactures? On whose gas for those trips to Tutu? Sweetheart deals and contracts continue unabated. Why would a simple roundabout cost $7mm+ dollars, when there were bids in the $1.5mm range? Let’s carefully watch who, ultimately (after “straw men” are winnowed out), buys the tax sale properties around the islands. I doubt I’ll be surprised.

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