New parking spaces maybe not in time for Christmas

SCH_9520web As many as 150 new parking spots are under construction at the commercial dock in Cruz Bay, where the car barges are.  

While there had been some hope the spots would be in service six months ago, it looks like the opening of the additional space may still be weeks off.

Nonetheless, work is underway as construction equipment  compacts and smooths the land around the piers to accommodate vehicles.  

Originally, the Port Authority's director said he wanted to charge for using the new parking facility, but the Governor stepped in to say it will be free.

Bob Schlesinger of TropicalFocus.com provided these pictures of the work.

1 thought on “New parking spaces maybe not in time for Christmas”

  1. I’m thrilled that they are moving forward with this project! Parking has been a long time ‘issue’ and this lot will offer a much needed free alternative and alleviate some of the traffic in the heart of town. Once it is completed, if not sooner, I would love to see more spots in town dedicated to handicap parking.

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