New owners for St. John store

Verace St. John's Luigi Costello – an avid 8 Tuff Miles competitive runner and organic food fan – has sold Verace, the wonderful jewelry store at Wharfside Village

He also used to own Firebird Creations, also at Wharfside. Costello operated that shop for 12 years until opening the more upscale Verace.

"My store Verace has been sold and I will be officially retired at 54 on January 1st 2011," Costello said on his Facebook page.

Te new owners have familiar faces.  Julie King has worked at in the store for 11 years and her partner, Kimberly Jackson, has been there seven years.  So the most important thing will stay the same: customer service. King says a grand re-opening is planned while, right now, it's business as usual.

Costello added, "To answer the question I am constantly being ask, What will I do? Well just 'Be' sounds good to me. A flea market here and there, hell yes, but another retail store, never say never but never! Be Well and no retail Hell."

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