New Hotel May Be Coming to Cruz Bay

Image credit: St. John Tradewinds News
Image credit: St. John Tradewinds News

We had a lot of news last week that made you all unhappy – the two BVI increases, for example – so we wanted to hold off on today’s story for a bit because we weren’t sure the reaction we’d receive. But it’s made the rounds in the traditional news media, so we figured it was time to share it. So here it goes… A new hotel is planned for Cruz Bay. And from what we’ve been told, it’s going to have up to 200 rooms if approved.

The hotel is being planned by Delbert Parsons and Delrise Varlack. Delbert owns Sea Shore Allure, a beautifully-designed, upscale hotel in Cruz Bay. Ms. Varlack owns Varlack Ventures, one of the companies that runs the ferry boats. She also owns a car rental company of the same name.

The hotel is going to have up to 200 rooms – both one and two bedroom suites. They will not have kitchens, Delbert said Thursday. It’s going to be a higher end hotel, along the lines of Sea Shore Allure, but the price point will be less than the Westin and Caneel Bay, he said.

If approved, the hotel have two pools – one at ground level and another roof-top pool. It will also have a walking path connecting it to nearby Mongoose Junction. He’s still working on the renderings and expects to have them completed within a month.

Delbert doesn’t foresee any approval issues, as he has the space, waste management and water plans, etc. If approved, he expects the project to take roughly three years to complete.

The site is located above the Lumberyard and would be accessed from the road behind the Islandia Building. It’s a perfect location, according to Delbert.

“The view is unbelievable. The sunsets – oh man, it’s priceless. The way it’s located, we don’t have the noise up there. That’s what’s so amazing about it.”

And when asked about potential backlash, which happened when Grande Bay and Sirenusa were announced, for example, Delbert remains positive.

“Progress is something you cannot stop,” he said. “We lost Maho Bay. We lost the Westin. (The Westin is being converted to all timeshares.) So we’re trying to bring back something we lost. We’re not adding more to the situation. We can probably bring back half the rooms we lost.”

We will keep you all posted on this folks.

8 thoughts on “New Hotel May Be Coming to Cruz Bay”

  1. They will love it because it is needed. The Cruz Bay area scenery of serenity has changed greatly since the 90’s and beyond as we all know. Closing Maho and now time sharing the Westin leaves no room for the middle class families to afford visit and experience the natural beauty of Saint John. lt is well known that the people whom built villas in chocolate hole now want out due to the overcrowding of residential homes there and the close proximity of villas built next to each is not wise they succumb noise levels and late night parties.

    Saint John will become as Saint Barts as only for wealthy cliental. Wealthy people will now choose to to build and buy where they can attain peace and quite from the east end Hanson bay area to Concordia and Mandahl. There is also enough room and flat land in the Carolina Valley to build a exclusive private plane airport too which most likely will come in 20 years. It is good to see a local whom has the skill and the foresight to not forget about the middle class families visitors.

  2. We would be interested in giving this new place a try, but only if they had kitchens. We eat in for breakfast, some lunches and some dinners. Maybe the owners will reconsider? 🙂

  3. Everything that Delrise Vartack and Delbert Parsons has undertaken thus far are the best, with attention to detail, conservation, and all things positive for the community. I’m sure this project, once finished, will be in the same category. We can all be proud of local families in successful endeavors. I wish them much luck.

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