New Gym Coming to St. John

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Hello everyone and happy Monday! We get a lot of questions here at News of St. John asking what fitness options are currently offered on island. Many people ask whether there is a public gym available. Currently there isn’t a gym available to the public, but that’s about to change!

St. John Fitness is working to open on the second floor of Palm Plaza. Palm Plaza is located less than five minutes from Cruz Bay, and is close to the Westin. St. John Fitness will be owned and operated by Sybille Sorrentino, who also owns VI Ecotours.

We chatted with Sybille about the gym the other day, and we’re pretty excited about her plans. We can’t reveal too much yet because she is still completing licensing requirements, but what we can tell you is that St. John Fitness will offer reasonable monthly memberships, as well as day and weekly memberships for guests to the island. It will also offer annual memberships to villa owners, so their guests can enjoy the gym during their vacations.

The gym is being outfitted with Life Cycle equipment and includes five treadmills, two stationary bikes, two ellipticals, one stair stepper, 10 muscles group weight machines and more. Check out a few pics:

st john fitness
St. John Fitness

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In addition to a variety of cardio equipment and weights, St. John Fitness will also offer group classes and there will be trainers available on site. Lastly, the gym will be fully air conditioned. Great news!

As we mentioned, the gym isn’t ready to open just yet. As the date gets closer, we will provide additional information on costs, how to sign up, etc.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m pretty excited to have a gym available once again! We’ll keep you all posted on this. In the meantime, have a great Monday everyone!

5 thoughts on “New Gym Coming to St. John”

  1. What happened to the Westin’s gym? I used to belong to that gym when I lived on island. I also belonged to Gym in Paradise in Marketplace before it shuttered.
    I contemplated opening an indoor / outdoor gym on Centerline Rd. somewhere near the clinic or laundrymat.
    I think to be able to operate long-term, the gym must not have a/c. People can survive with fans. I just don’t think St. John has enough population to support an a/c gym especially considering the high electricity rates on island.

  2. Any idea how soon this may open? We just arrived on island for two weeks and I was unprepared for there to be zero options. I never imagined the Westin would have stopped allowing non-guests.

    Is there really no where to get in a workout aside from going to St. Thomas?

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