New gas station sooner come

Things take a long time to happen on this island, so we can't tell when there will be a new, second, gas station – but progress is being made.

The Planning and Natural Resources Department has given Nedal Salem the OK to build a gas station along with apartments and a convenience station along the South Shore Road, next to the St. John Market, which is across the road from the Westin Resort. 

(The Market, by the way, is kind of like a big convenience store.  Lots of Westin guests can be seen carrying bags of snacks and drinks along the road abnd back to their rooms.)

This picture of the proposed station's location was taken from the entrance to the Palm Plaza shopping center, looking up the hill toward Cruz Bay.

But there are many miles for Salem to go before he breaks ground.  According to the St. John Source, there are several more permits and environmental authorizations needed for the roughly half-acre project.  Further, DPNR's order doesn't give him the ability to operate the station if and when it's built.  That's another hoop.

Some folks have argued against the station, saying the prospect of bringing fuel trucks up the steep Jacobs Ladder hill, to fill the station's tanks, is begging for big trouble, especially on rainy days when the road can get slippery.

8 thoughts on “New gas station sooner come”

  1. Stupid is as stupid does…it is beyond incredulous that this would be approved. I thought a new planner had been hired last year. If this is smart planning St John is f’ked.

  2. Wow, can’t imagine why they would put a gas station in that location. Makes more sense to go the other direction on Centerline toward Coral Bay, don’t ya think??!!! Bet the residents would appreciate it more, too!

  3. Coral Bay sorely needs a gas station. Give Cruz Bay a break from more construction, noise, etc.
    Any possibility the closed one in CB can be resurrected?

  4. Coral Bay is sorely in need of a gas station.
    Any chance the closed station there can be resurrected?
    Give Cruz Bay a break from all the construction, noise, traffic, etc.!

  5. Yes! The owners of the Coral Bay station (that was operated by Domino Oil) are working vigorously to re-open the station.

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