New Ferry Service Between STJ & STT Temporarily Suspended

ferry dock

Last month, we told you how Interisland Boat Service planed to begin offering ferry service between Crown Bay Marina and Cruz Bay. Crown Bay is the closest marina to the airport – roughly a five minute or so drive – so it was a great option for people traveling to and from the airport, and also for cruiseshippers.

Well unfortunately due to some “island politics”, the service has been temporarily suspended. The following image was pasted on Interisland’s Facebook page the other day:

canceled ferry (1)

We were out and about in Cruz Bay the other day, and we heard that the temporary suspension was due to complaints made by the two current ferry operators that bring travelers between Cruz Bay and Red Hook – Transportation Services and Varlack.

Apparently these two companies felt that the new service would take away from their trips, and therefore demanded that Interisland stop offering the service. Keep in mind that Transportation Services and Varlack are the same two companies that received brand new ferries just a few years back, refused to maintain them even though they received them for free, and now run very old ferries instead. That’s just my two cents, folks.

Personally I like the idea of the new Crown Bay ferry. Hopefully service resumes soon. We will keep you all posted.


33 thoughts on “New Ferry Service Between STJ & STT Temporarily Suspended”

  1. Did you reach out to either of the ferry companies for comment? Or is this just all via the coconut telegraph?

      • You were told this from an employee of the cancelled ferry, correct? Not from anyone who works at Transportation Services or Varlack? That’s who I was referring to in terms of getting an official comment.

        It would be wise to reach out to those companies for a statement regarding this post.

        • In the four years that I have written this blog – blog not newspaper – I have never been able to get a comment from either Varlack or Transportation Services. And it’s not because I haven’t tried.

      • That soo sounds like the new St. John !!! Kinda like the new gas station next to the Weston !!! Any news on coral bay’s new Marina ???

          • My point is it was built on someone else’s property!! They never even knew! That’s why it took soo long, Uh yea sorry my gas station is partly on your property……. the party’s involved slid it through.

  2. Last year, when leaving St. John, I had to get to the ferry early, as I was told they would usually sell out. There was only 1, maybe 2 options to make my plane on time. It seems to me that there is plenty of business for all.

    • Exactly!! There IS plenty of business out there. This just seems to be more of the “good ole boys” mentality that is prevalent in the islands.

      • linda…please read my comment below in the mentalities……it is not good ole boys mentality it is island mentality….do not confuse the 2 please…..rednecks do not appreciate it….there is a vast difference

  3. What happened to free enterprise? Resident businesses should be able to expand as they see fit. To me it sounds like toddlers crying that they alone own the community toy. This type of thinking is part of the problem, not the solution!

  4. Ah, American democracy at it’s best. I remember the days when you could not take St. Thomas rental cars on the barge. That was quashed by the Federal Court. Guess we have to waste taxpayers money yet again.

  5. The ferry and car barge services for St. John are simply lousy. Any competition would be good for residents, homeowners and visitors alike. It would be good for St. John!

  6. do not catergorize “good ole boys” mentality with “island” mentality…..these are 2 vastly different mentalities…..good ole boys is very much like rednecks…be very careful with your loose lips….it can be dangerous to your health….and this is not a threat…..just plain fact…..

  7. Only Transportation Services and Varlack Ventures have the right to transport people between St Thomas and St John. They have stopped many companies from starting up a more reliable business !
    Its time to change the law !

    • I don’t like to see honest competition squashed, but must admit that most of the “improvements” to St John in the years we’ve been visiting have done nothing but deteriorate the island’s beauty & seclusion. If the Coral Bay marina is allowed to be built, I’ll start looking for another island ’cause that will truly be the beginning of the end.

      • I’ve been going to St. John for years now, out of all the Caribbean islands I’ve been to I feel most at home! My second choice would be Tortola….. try to book it on a full moon you won’t be disappointed! Look up bomba shack.

  8. LOL, Phil, this sort of stuff is exactly why I no longer go to the USVIs either. And I have lived on St John and St Thomas. Greed, corruption and greasing the palm is SOP here, more than any other island i have visited.

    • Ann, I just asked Phil where he thinks is worth a visit now. With your having experienced living on St. John, you’re more aware than us visitors of just what goes on behind the scenes. We love Coral Bay, but the marina will obviously affect the laid-back atmosphere there. What islands would you suggest visiting to capture that type of environment?

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