New Ferries Remain Stagnant for Second Week

The two new ferries sat in Cruz Bay harbor Wednesday night. They haven't moved since Sunday, August 3.
The two new ferries sat in Cruz Bay harbor Wednesday night. They haven’t been in service since Sunday, August 3.

Does anyone know what’s happening with the new ferries? They’ve remained stagnant in Cruz Bay harbor since Sunday, August 3. That’s exactly one month from the date they began running.

There’s several rumors swirling around island. Some of the most frequent ones we’ve heard are:

  • They were only being used as a “trial” run.
  • There is some sort of insurance issue.
  • They didn’t handle the waters as expected.

We do know that Senator Craig Barshinger informed Public Works Commission Darryl Smalls back in July that there appeared to be problems and potential safety issues with the operation of one of the vessels. According to the St. John Tradewinds, Barshinger wrote to Smalls, “Captain & crew members in pilot house appeared unfamiliar with boat operation. No Safety Briefing was made/played.” Despite that, however, the ferries continued operating for several more weeks.

In total, the ferries – which cost roughly $3.25 million each to build – operated for one month. That means, so far, they’ve cost a little more than $100,000 per ferry per day to run since they’ve been in operation. Let’s hope these things get back up and running soon.

In the meantime, please let us know what you’ve heard as to why they’re not running. We’ve reached out to several people about this, but can’t seem to get a straight answer…

7 thoughts on “New Ferries Remain Stagnant for Second Week”

  1. The operators don’t want them because they own their own boats. So their view of the situation will not be positive.

    But I can say the statement “They didn’t handle the waters as expected.” is a surprise. I thought they were faster, smoother, more comfortable (even without upper deck seat padding), and more stable than the old boats.

    I will be surpised if this is finally revealed to be anything other than a money issue.

  2. This is crap…..US taxpayers have paid big bucks for these boats and deserve to ride them from St Thomas to St John. More Obama money spent foolishly…..as it appears here on the mainland.

  3. No acceptable contract has been signed yet between all parties involves.

    All parties previously agreed to operate WITHOUT a contract for 30 days (expire 03AUG) due to STJ Carnival.

    Do not expect anything happening any time soon.

  4. Wow, what a surprise, another islands boondoggle and yet another issue cause by our President…who by the way, can’t spend money….only Congress can…

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