New Direct Flights Happening Now to STT!

Image courtesy of Born to Rhumb charters
Image courtesy of Born to Rhumb charters
For those of you living in Texas, it just got a little easier for you to visit us here on St. John!

United Airlines just announced that it’s adding daily nonstop flights from Houston to St. Thomas. This is up from four flights a week, which it previously offered. This new service will continue through August 14th, so go ahead and take advantage of those low season rates!

For our friends up in Boston – and we know there are a ton of you reading! – Delta and JetBlue offer nonstop flights to St Thomas on Saturdays only throughout the summer.

For all of the New Yorkers up there, you’re in luck because American and Delta offer nonstop service daily throughout the summer as well.

And for those of you living in the Florida area with close access to Miami, you too can fly nonstop daily on American Airlines.

Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale also offer direct flights. 

If anyone knows of any other direct flights, please let us know.

If you’re unable to find a direct flight to St. Thomas from your hometown airport, you can always look for a direct flight to San Juan. From there you can buy a separate ticket on several airlines including Cape Air, Seaborne or JetBlue. All offer several flights daily between San Juan and St. Thomas.

Don’t let hurricane season scare you folks; it’s a great time to visit here! In fact, I’m about to head out the door for a News of St. John Tour! So do yourselves a favor – take advantage of our low season rates, go research some airfare and book your next trip! And don’t forget to book an island tour with us! We’d love to meet you all!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

15 thoughts on “New Direct Flights Happening Now to STT!”

  1. From Chicago, Southwest to PR! Then Jet Blue to STT. We got Southwest, $146. including taxes. Jet Blue was $63. We booked at the end of January, as soon as Southwest put up there July flight schedule! Great Deal! According to my Southwest agent, Southwest hopefully will being going Direct to STT next year!

  2. The Houston direct is awesome compared to combinations we have had to endure in the past. I only wish they would continue on a regular basis. Maybe when SW starts their non-stop out of Hobby?

  3. Hint for Boston travelers– Jet Blue has cheap prices going down and more expensive return trips for Saturday travel. Buy one way tickets On JB/Delta We came back from St John a few weeks ago. We flew down on Jet Blue for $193 and returned on Delta for $173. Our round trip was 366 per person !

    In addition, the Jet Blue flight back to Boston was making a stop in San Juan, no change of planes, Delta zipped right up to East Boston!

    • Amen, brother!! All of the American direct flights listed above are the connecting flights from DFW. Takes a full day to get there.

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