New Cruz Bay Park, ready for the 4th?

With Carnival and July 4th festivities less than six weeks away, some folks have been worried that the $200,000 renovation of the park in Cruz Bay may not be completed by then.

Not to worry is the position of the Public Works department, as reported by the Virgin Islands Daily News. "We are on target to have it completed for the celebrations," Commissioner Darryl Smalls said.

(Photo courtesy of No See Um's blog.) Since the project began in March, the park has been walled off while workers replace landscaping, replace sidewalks, add lighting and prepare to put down paver stones.

Within weeks of the start, one business located at the Park decided to close and some locals and visitors suggested doing the work during high season wasn't smart.

Commissioner Smalls said, "There is no ideal time for construction."

Probably the best place to see the work is from a window at St. John Spice, at the corner and on the second floor.

2 thoughts on “New Cruz Bay Park, ready for the 4th?”

  1. It scares me that with the new park development the designers forgot to incorporate a sidewalk on the one way near the church. It will be a great shame if this is not addressed during the renovation, and an embarrassment to the project if it doesn’t happen.

  2. I am curious if the money that was donated years ago for personalized bricks will be incorporated into this renovation? And if not, what is happening to that money?

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