New COVID-19 Mandates

New COVID-19 Mandates

Governor Bryan began today’s press conference by addressing rumors regarding various closures in the territory.  This afternoon, he released the latest mandates regarding restaurants, boaters, masks, and funerals:

  • Restaurants
    While the COVID-19 task force entertained the concept of limiting restaurants to take-out only, they decided against penalizing a majority of the restaurants as a result of the violations of a few.  Instead, starting immediately, restaurants are on notice that DLCA officers will be strictly enforcing all applicable restaurant policies currently in place, and violators will be subject to complete closure of their restaurant for thirty days without an opportunity for a hearing during that time.  The task force will also be reviewing the data to determine if certain restaurants can increase their outdoor-seating capacity, and whether restaurants with proper sanitization equipment can resume the use of glass and silverware.

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  • Boaters
    Effective immediately, boaters are prohibited from ‘rafting’ (tying vessels together) in all bays and anchorages in the territory.  Additionally, vessels must maintain at least 12 feet between them at all times, except in the case of emergency, and vessels cannot anchor in designated swim areas.  Violators may be assessed up to $10,000.00 per incident.

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  • Masks
    Anyone in violation of the current mask policy will be subject to a $50.00 fine for the first offense, and $100.00 for any additional violation(s).

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  • Funerals
    Attendance at funerals is limited to immediate family only, and no more than 10 family members at one time.
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Dr. Nichole Syms gave a heart-wrenching plea for empathy and compassion for the first responders, doctors, and nurses who come into daily contact with this virus.
  • Beaches
    No new mandates were given regarding beach closures.  Beaches will remain open on weekdays, with weekend closures continuing at 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, and re-opening at 6:00 am the following day.

There have been 19 positive cases to date on St. John, with four currently active cases.

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The Governor stated that in a pandemic situation, it is important to rely on data instead of hunches.  According to the most current data gathered by our government, out of the three categories in which the virus can spread (travel, close contact, and community), travel has yielded the least number of positive infections.

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The authority to close our borders lies with the President and Congress, but our local government continues to review all of the latest data in an effort to create mandates to keep our residents and visitors safe.  According to our government’s interpretation of the data, our main vulnerability for the virus stems from social gatherings, such as small house parties and family get-togethers where participants aren’t adhering to the guidelines established by the CDC and Department of Health.  As such, Governor Bryan pleaded for everyone to to take personal responsibility in an effort to reduce the positive number of cases and surges in the territory.

“We all want to get our lives back – but let me tell you that’s not going to happen any time soon,” said the Governor, further cautioning that “We will be enforcing these mandates today and will be unforgiving and brutal – no exceptions.”

He ended his message on a more uplifting note, saying, “This too shall pass, and we will get back to a new normal.  And when we do, I want you back there healthy, living your best lives.  All of us, together.”

12 thoughts on “New COVID-19 Mandates”

  1. The government says it’s important to rely on data. Like this data?

    “And a study published in the journal Science found that the US probably saw around 8.7 million coronavirus cases in the last three weeks of March alone, though only 100,000 were officially counted during that time.”

    So instead of 5M cases, there are probably 50M. Instead of a 3% death rate, it’s .3%. And if you’re under 65? Chance of death is .064%. Chances of dying from the flu? That would be .11%, and it has a vaccine.

    Be more scared of the scamdemic, than the actual pandemic.

  2. Thank you for the updates, Keri. Appreciate the information. Are there any other restrictions or mandates regarding beaches? Appreciate you keeping us informed!

    • Hi Lisa, truly my pleasure! No new mandates or restrictions have been announced regarding the beaches. The policy currently in effect requires all beaches to close on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at 4:00 pm, and re-open at 6:00 am the following day. If this changes, or if any additional restrictions are added, we will let you know.

    • NY bases its quarantine list on the % of tests coming back positive in a state or territory. I think the threshold is 10% positives.

      So USVI reported 355 tests yesterday (8/11) of which 63 were positive. 63/355 x 100% = 17.7% positive.

      Hope that helps.

  3. I work in the healthcare industry and have been working everyday since this thing got here. I know this will get blow-back, but, honestly, as I watch this pandemic meander all over the place, l have to come to believe that the process of testing and reporting has been sooo corrupted. The numbers can be manipulated to be anything a politician needs them to be. Numerous reports of positive cases on people who were never actually tested, positive results being assigned by association without actually testing being, testing facilities where 100% of tests were positive by every person administering the tests. (In that facility the clinicians were so suspicious so they sent a few swabs that were not tested on anyone, and they all came back positive too). The tests themselves may not be very accurate. Lots of false positives, like the governor of Ohio last week, is just an example. But these types of issues are happening all over the country! And of course, when you administer more tests, you will logically see increases. But does that really mean more people are dying or being hospitalized? NO. Most are asymptomatic. (And of course we know hospitals gain a lot more money for a Covid admit). I’m not making any accusations, but look at the big picture. I know we all want to be good citizens, but the facts are just staring us in the face now. The Virgin Islands are still in basic hurricane recovery and to add this when it is absolutely not necessary, is going to cause death to your beautiful islands. ‘Im a Katrina survivor so i know what and how long it takes to recover. Your people are suffering much more than from Covid. The stats will be much worse than Covid if you keep this lockdown. I would hope your governor would consider taking an example from Gov Noem, SD, to Trust her People, rather that the tyrannical governor of MI, Whitmer, who has locked her people down and has imposed unconstitutional restrictions on them. I would urge your Governor to seek info from more than where he is currently obtaining it lest he bring you down that path. You have some of the most beautiful islands on the planet, but your people are your treasure! From everything I have read, the people were doing a fine job. They get it! Trust them!

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