Renovations at Caneel continue

Executives at Caneel Bay Resort are quoted saying renovations to its some 170 rooms will be completed, on schedule, by November.  A Dallas, Texas design firm was contracted for the work.

"The renovation will enhance the resort’s luxurious island atmosphere by re-introducing an element of Americana beach house theme-the foundation of the resort’s mid-20th century beginnings," said Dan Nelson, president of Vision Design and the project’s lead designer.

"We hope to recapture a few of the many aesthetic nuances that Mr. Rockefeller
might have experienced during the early years of the resort.
Ultimately, we envision the Caneel Bay experience to be as idyllic and
sumptuous for today’s guest as it was at its very beginning," he said.

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  1. Good luck Caneel, we just stayed there, it was such a disappointment. Stayed there a few years ago for our honeymoon, and there is no comparison, has gone way done hill

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