New attitude seen at Caneel

Caneel Bay is welcoming people to visit. 

In past years, we’ve kind of felt we were sneaking in the back door even though we made no secret (by carrying our own beach chairs and towels) that we were’t staying at the resort when we went limin’ on the ‘public’ part of the beach.  Besides, each time we went, I indulged myself with what I call the $40 hamburger (salad, burger, beer).

This time, we were greeted by a woman at the entrance to the resort and handed a brochure about the resort.  It included information about all the restaurants on the grounds, and even had a map if you would want to walk around.  On the beach, a waitress (her name tag said ‘Nate’ – she borrowed it from her sweetie) took our lunch order, then arranged a table for us in the main building, and couldn’t have been more helpful and welcoming.

There’s new management at Caneel … and it shows.  People were friendly, the food was great, the sun was warm.

It was still a $40 burger!

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  1. I wonder if the new management will be more supportive in allowing non-guests to get over to and walk the Turtle Point Trail. You used to be able to go in and ask, and they would ferry you over and back in a golf cart. In recent years, they said that this had been discontinued, “due to complaints from guests”. It’s a beautiful short hike, and it would be nice if they were once again supported access to thhe trail.

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