New Activities Offered in Cruz Bay

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Looking for a new activity while hanging around Cruz Bay? Maybe you want to take your snorkeling to a new level? Well you’re in luck because our friends over at St. John Beach Bum are now offering two pretty cool new activities.

St. John Beach Bum now offers guided kayak excursions in and around Cruz Bay harbor. What makes these kayak trips cool is that they happen at night, and the kayaks have clear bottoms and glow in the dark, which makes for a pretty incredible trip. I’ve seen these kayaks firsthand and they look pretty neat.

Each evening at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., kayakers can paddle through Cruz Bay toward Gallows Point and around to Frank Bay and back. During the trips, kayakers typically see needlefish, sting rays, tarpon and a vary of other sea life. They even saw an eagle ray jump out of the water on a few of the trips! The cost for the guided nighttime kayak is $50 a person.

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For those of you who prefer to explore on your own, you can rent the clear bottom kayaks for $15 an hour, $45 for a half day or $60 for a full day. St. John Beach Bum plans to add daytime and sunset trips in the near future.

Another cool thing St. John Beach Bum now offers is the Easybreath snorkel mask. These full face snorkel masks were created to make breathing underwater easy and as natural as you would on land. They also provide the snorkeler a 180-degree field of visions and they do not fog up. So while you may look a little silly, I think it will be completely worth it once you hop in the water.

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The Easybreath snorkel masks rent for $15 a day or $20 with fins includes. Discounted rates are offered for five-day rentals. St. John Beach Bum in the only retailer on island offering this cool new snorkel mask.

Interested in the guided nighttime kayak trip or new Easybreath snorkel mask? You can get in touch with St. John Beach Bum on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/StJohnBeachBum or call them at (340) 777-4286. If you’re in Cruz Bay, stop in their shop. It’s located right next to the ferry dock on the second floor. And chances are if you stop by, you will see their adorable little “land skark” Ding. I adore this little guy.

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  1. We did a night time kayak trip in Cruz Bay a year ago and it was so fun! Highly recommend it for something different. Tarpon followed us everywhere and smaller fish even jumped into the kayak to get away from the tarpon!

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