St. John hardly seen on ‘Momma’s Boys’

Mongoose Junction
, Cruz Bay, and Peter Bay were tough to find on Monday night’s episode of “Momma’s Boys,” the NBC reality show.

The network says it "follows three possessive, yet loving mothers who must help
their complacent sons choose the perfect woman.”  In this week's episode, 'the boys' took their Moms and potential girlfriends to the VIs.

The Department of Tourism said St. John and St. Thomas would be featured.  Well, the cameras and the casts were there, but the islands were hard to find.  You kind of have to know your way around to know what you were seeing.

For instance, at about 28 minutes in, one couple went shopping at Mongoose Junction, but unless you know the place, you wouldn't know.  Same went for a scene shot at, I believe, Estate Lindholm (you'll recognize that view of the Cruz Bay harbor).  And there was some video of a couple at what appears to be a villa (said to be Amorosa) overlooking Peter Bay

NBC has posted some clips from the Jan. 12 show.  See them here: http://www.nbc.com/Mommas_Boys/video/

Tourism was quite enthused about the show's visit. “We have been working diligently to bring large productions such as these to our islands,” stated commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty. “NBC not only provided us with an opportunity to showcase our attractions to a large national audience, but the production also employed our local film industry, utilizing our experienced pool of talent and crew.  We expect the resulting coverage to highlight the many offerings of the U.S. Virgin Islands, both as a tourism destination and as a filming location.”

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  1. In the show where the two were walking around Mongoose Junction, they cut and show him buying jewelry in a store. That store was actually Cruz Bay Bracelet Co. I know, as the painting (an original) was mine in the back drop. The one with the turtle, thus I knew the store.
    Apparently they are not showing any one except the three men, their moms and some of the girls. Not much else either…

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