Name this Peacock & Win a Free Stay on St. John

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Hey everyone, happy Friday! So by now, you probably all know how I absolutely adore animals. It doesn’t matter how many times I see a donkey or turtle, I can help but stop and scream “donkey!” or “turtle!” So you could only imagine how ecstatic I was to hear that the island’s got a new baby animal on its hands … a baby peacock. So cute!

Julie Hoy and David Thomeczek manage Coconut Coast Villas, which is over on Turner Bay. They’re the lucky ones who first spotted the baby peacock the other day. Here’s what Julie had to say about it:

“We have numerous peacocks that come and hang out on our property here at Coconut Coast Villas at least several times a week,” Julie said. “They are mostly female, but there is at least one male peacock that also comes down and hangs out from time to time. He was just here last week and he is so beautiful to see. The peacocks live up on Moorehead point and come down the hill and wander around the neighborhood. Sometimes we have five or six of them in one of our parking lots and it looks like they are having peacock meetings or something!

“(Wednesday) morning, Dave saw the baby peacock on the property with her (we don’t know if it is a boy or girl, so I am just guessing) mom and it was so adorable. We immediately took photos and Dave also took some video of them. While he was making the video, he discovered a second baby peacock! So, there are at least two around … We are looking forward to watching her grow and see how she changes. I don’ t think she can get any cuter than she is now though.”

peacock and mom

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Love it! Ok, now this is where all of you can get involved…

Julie and David are running a Facebook contest from now through 12 a.m. on July 1. They’d like you to name this adorable baby peacock. Julie and David will pick the name next Tuesday, and the winner will receive a free five-night stay in a waterfront studio. The stay is good between now and December 20, 2014. No minimum stay is required.

To participate, you must “like” Coconut Coast Villas’ Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/CoconutCoastStJohn. Then post the name on their page. In addition, you must share their post about the contest which is pinned at the top of their page. It’s that easy.

Want to know more about the peacocks that live on island? Click here to read more about a white peacock we encountered last year on Bordeaux Mountain Road. We have some video there too. Or you can click here to see some great reader submitted peacock photos.

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  1. Ms. Gwennie! ( Named for Childcare Provider, the late Ms. Gwen Moorehead of Moorehead Point whose peacocks greeted you both coming and going and this peachick is a descendant of. 🙂

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