In search of a $500,000 fixer-upper


In a real estate market where two out of three homes are priced at $1 million or more, how do you get a reasonably nice house for a reasonable price?

Answer: the old fashioned way: you haggle and do a lot of repair work yourself.

That’s the story House Hunters International told in their latest St. John-focused episode, To Renovate or Not.

The show followed Ken and Rob in their quest for a $500,000 house.  Their priorities: privacy, close to town, good view, and two bedrooms/two baths.

A Fish Bay house failed because it needed a lot of work, a lot! – more than even the below-budget cost of $395K would justify.  Another property near Coral Bay was just too far out, so they chose a two bedroom/two bath house with a so-so-view of Chocolate Hole.  They got it for $50K less than asking price and began spending the ‘savings’ on their fixer/upper.

Rob and Ken also own, and started, the St. Johnimals pet store.  The store is for sale for $95,000.

Their House Hunters International show will be aired again at 6pm eastern on May 27.

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