Pooch pictures from Wagapalooza

The all island dog show Saturday night sometimes looked more like a Halloween party as pet owners cuddled, posed, and dressed up their best friends all in the interest of winning prizes, having fun and raising money an estimated $22,000 for the Animal Care Center.

"The king of the show was Lucky, until very recently a shelter dog called Keider." said Bob Schlesinger of Tropical Focus Photography. "Smart, well behaved dog who took everything in stride. It was more than luck that Lucky won."

"The queen of the show may have felt like the title was well-deserved," Schlesinger added. "She had a pink crown on all night long. She is called Cloud."


Best Costume went to a real cow hound so to speak.




  • Photos provided by Bow Wow Meow Images which is Tropical Focus Photography and Yelena Rogers.  
  • Hundreds more photos of this year's Wagapalooza are online here.









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