Mutt Mixer ACC Fundraiser Happening Tonight

(Pre-storm pic)
(Drink – Pre-storm pic)

Hello everyone and happy Friday! As many of you who follow us may know, the Animal Care Center is not holding its annual fundraising gala this year as a result of last year’s storms. But we are excited to tell you all that our friends at Drink have stepped up and are holding a fundraising “Mutt Mixer” this evening to support the ACC. A HUGE thank you to Drink for that!

Tonight’s party, which starts at 5:30 p.m., is to celebrate the dogs and cats on St. John, as well as the humans that tirelessly care for them and find their forever homes. The “Mutt Mixer” will feature a fun evening of drinking, dancing, donating and dogs! All dogs are welcomed as long as they stay on a leash and are on the beach. There’ll even be a satellite bar down there for the puppy owners.

There will be beer and wine specials, as well as a 50/50 raffle. You can even purchase some of the latest ACC merchandise. And please bring along the kids too! All Dogs Go to Heaven will be played on the big screen.

The party is being sponsored by Tito’s vodka and will be catered by Dog House Pub. A portion of the night’s proceeds will also be donated to the ACC.

You may have read how Kenny Chesney’s Love for Love City Foundation evacuated numerous animals from the ACC and transported them statewide. That was an amazing effort, but sadly, our shelter has many animals once again. If you are interested in adopting a cat or dog, please contact the ACC. Adorable Willy, for example, is looking for a forever home. Poor Willy was found tied to a tree by his waist in Tortola. He was brought to St. John where Dr. Laura performed an amazing surgery on him. He is now doing well, likes long walks and is good with other dogs. And on top of all of that, he is adorable!!

Willy is available for adoption at the ACC.
Willy is available for adoption at the ACC.

Want to know more about Willy or the other dogs and cats available for adoption? Please contact the ACC at  [email protected] or check out their Facebook page here.

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  1. I agree that it’s always best to keep only native plants if possible. Why introduce species that can be harmful? If the hurricane took these trees down that were never meant to be here in the first place, why put more back up? I also heard mongoosewere brought to the island to rid the island of rats. But what happened was the mongoose and rat have different sleeping schedules so their paths never crossed. Same goes for the donkey and the deer. They all should be removed.

  2. I thought that the worlds tiniest bird of prey was native to St. John. I can’t recall it’s name but I saw one at Annaberg.

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