Music video from the Beach Bar and Coral Bay

Capt. Buck got himself a video camera and is having some fun, now.  Of course there’s no indication the camera is new, but the videos he’s posting on YouTube are. 

The first clips came from the Beach Bar in Cruz Bay.  Featured are the Jazz Islanders, band-meister Steve Simon and a visiting songstress, Dee Alexander of Chicago, and Dee’s husband, and Jazz Legend, Leon Joyce Jr. He played drums.  Their version of “Summertime” is one of the videos that’s been posted.  (Dee’s Web site address is http://cdbaby.com/cd/deealexander)

Hot_clubcdCapt. Buck also has been spending time at Shipwreck Landing as the Hot Club, a local group (with a CD available) performed its brand of jazz and Cajun-flavored blues.  There are three videos posted including one of Ted Spoons, a guy you’ve probably heard about but never seen – and the only way to believe what he does, is to see it. Thanks to YouTube, you can.

The videos are pretty raw, the lighting is pretty bad, the streaming quality is pretty rough.  But if you’ve heard live music on island, you know this is the real thing.  You get a sense of the relaxed approach to almost everything on St. John and music is just part of the wonderful mix.  Enjoy it.

Capt. Buck is mum on where this is going.  It could turn out to be just a collection of  casual music videos, or – this being the Internet – it could morph into some kind of music site for the island.  Which would be very cool.  In the meantime, visit StJohnUSVIMusic and subscribe.

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