Morgan’s Mango Reopens!

More great news to share from St. John today! Morgan’s Mango, a St. John institution since 1992, reopened its doors on Monday and I have to say, the place looks absolutely amazing! And the food was fantastic too!

Typically I like to take my own super professional iPhone pics to go along with my stories (teasing about the professionalism here), but sometimes you simply have to take a step back and leave the photography up to the experts. That expert today is the ultra talented Mr. Steve Simonsen. Steve took the following pictures Monday night. Look at how great Morgan’s looks:

morgans 9
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
morgans 8
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
morgans 7
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
morgans 6
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
morgans 5
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
morgans 3
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography
morgans 2
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography

Amazing, right?

And here are my super unprofessional iPhone pics of the menu. I apologize but it was dark when I dined last night. 🙂

morgans menu 2 morgans menu 1

Morgan’s Mango opens daily at 5 p.m. It is located in Cruz Bay next to Mongoose Junction. For more information, visit its website at www.morgansmango.com

15 thoughts on “Morgan’s Mango Reopens!”

  1. This is fantastic news! Morgan’s Mango is one of our favorite places on island. The pics are beautiful. Will they resume Caribbean Lobster Night on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s? An absolute treat! We will be there in May and can’t wait!

  2. Morgan’s Mango is always one our favorites, and it’s even better now. Had the lobster Tuesday night and it was great as usual.

  3. This makes my heart happy to see this. My husband and I had just been there celebrating his 60th birthday in August. We never miss an opportunity to dine at Morgan’s Mango when we are in St. John. We truly pray our little island comes back to its former glory.

  4. I remember when they first opened they had all you can eat lobster for $39. I ate 7 lobsters that night. My wife only ate 2 so it averaged out. Their food is better than Golden Corral any day of the week.

  5. My Fave Restaurant on the Island ! So happy to hear that it’s back! (I wish that I could make the Pork Dish at Home!!!). Good Luck on your “new” adventure. We will be back as soon as we find a new place to call Home while in St. John. ❤️

  6. So glad to hear you are open once again!!! The place looks fabulous!!! Have dined at Morgan’s Mango numerous times with my family and have had a fabulous meal and nite!!! Wishing you and the island of St. John a speedy recovery!!! Will be back soon!!! 🙂

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