MORE!! sushi restaurant names

  • Ah-So Sushi
  • Bonzai Sushi
  • Ech ni sun chi Sushi
  • Hold The Tarter Sauce
  • Hunter Phillips Sushi Shack
  • Imperial Sushi
  • Island Time Sushi
  • La Nemo Sushi
  • Nori Sushi
  • Pappy Pish Sushi
  • She sells Sushi by the Seashore
  • Starfish Sushi
  • Sushi anyone?
  • Sushi island
  • Sushi meson
  • Sushi on the Rock
  • Sushi Sun
  • The bait shop
  • Tickle Me Sushi


3 thoughts on “MORE!! sushi restaurant names”

  1. Each of the restaurants in the list comes cute with a cute name. I’m pretty sure that they serve other delicious dishes aside from sushi. =) I should go and try the food at the “She sells Sushi by the Seashore”! Hahaha! Sounds like tasty seafood dishes are there waiting for me!

  2. LOL@ Cora! I think the “Tickle Me Sushi” suits me. Haha! Their dishes will probably give you some ticklish taste with every bite. That’s yummy! =) Seeing that list makes me want to try some! I’m definitely getting a recipe in the internet today! I want some sushi!

  3. Seeing this list makes me want to eat some sushi. I just thought that it would be great to learn how to prepare sushi by myself. Hmm, I guess it’s time to search for some helpful steps on how to make one. I just wish that my friends will like it! =)

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