More Paid Parking Coming to Cruz Bay

gravel lot parking
Well folks, it looks like the days of parking for free in Cruz Bay are slowly nearing an end.

Back in June, we told all of you how the government was putting out a request for proposals to pave the gravel lot located near the car barges, literally paving the way for paid parking. Well the bad news is that it’s still happening. The good news, however, is that the RFP deadline has been pushed back to January 2017, according to our friends over at St. John Tradewinds News, so we still have a decent amount of free parking over there in the near future.

It also appears that the government wants to start charging at the customs lot as well, the Tradewinds reported. The story stated that the government planned to charge less than $4 per hour at these lots, which seems to be the going rate for paid parking lots in town.

In the meantime, there still are a few free parking options that will remain in Cruz Bay where parking is certainly at a premium.

One small-ish free option is next to the tennis courts in the Bureau of Motor Vehicles lot. This is where the Little Olive food truck is. There are roughly 20 spaces, I believe, but they go fast.

The small lot across from the BVI ferries in Cruz Bay is also free, as is the teeny lot beside it near the walkway to the National Park Visitor’s Center.

Lastly, there are a handful of spots across from Mongoose Junction on the road that leads behind the National Park Visitor’s Center. Be careful over there, however, as some spots can only be used at certain hours and others are for permitted vehicles only.

There are several parking options you can use if you are visiting a business. Parking at Mongoose Junction, Bayside Mini Mart and The Fish Trap/convenience store are all reserved for customers. Parking up at the Lumberyard is also reserved for people using a business. If you park in these areas and are not using a business or use a business and then walk around town, you will be at risk for getting a ticket, booted or towed.

3 thoughts on “More Paid Parking Coming to Cruz Bay”

  1. Sad to see the end of free parking. If you make $10 per hour and have to pay $4 per hour for parking you will be hurting. Buses are so unreliable. Sometimes they are not running two buses because a driver failed to show up for work. Hopefully, the public pay lots will sell monthly tags at reduced rates.

  2. All these temporary expats need to stop shipping their cars over. Buy what’s on the islands..use and reuse… Or just get more scooters:) haha

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