Moose is Back & He Needs Our Help

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A few months ago we told you about Moose, an adorable dog who had been living at the Animal Care Center here on St. John for nearly five years. The volunteers at the ACC were desperately trying to find Moose a home and his story nearly went viral. Moose was  fortunate in that a woman on St. Thomas fell in love with him and adopted him; however sadly Moose is now back on St. John and he needs our help yet again.

Here are the details directly from the Animal Care Center:

He was the most amazing dog in his foster home, but due to housing issues Moose could not stay past December 1 and he is sadly back with us. We are beyond thankful that Mandi was able to spend so much time with him and help to prove to all of us he is a most amazing creature. We are so lucky that we have found a fabulous Rescue in Boston willing to find him a home – Last Hope K9 Rescue (check them out – an amazing organization).

Our part…….We need to raise funds for Moose to get properly trained by a licensed trainer and we need to find Moose a foster home in the Boston area that can foster him until they are able to find that special family for him to call his own. He can only go to a foster family that is approved by a rescue organization, so please spread the word. Moose can only go to a no pet home (no cats and no dogs).

We are grateful for all the time that Mandi spent with him and he proved to be a most lovable dog. He mostly just wants to sleep with you in a huge bed, and he only asks for two walks per day and lots of snuggle time. He is not a furniture dog (except the bed) and he is completely house trained.

We have also found a great organization who will be spending the next four weeks with Moose training him so that he is ready for his forever home. He will learn the basic commands (which he will do now but only when he feels like it) and learn what it’s all about to be a pet. He proved himself worthy of saving and Last Hope K9 Rescue agrees with us. We are beyond grateful for this organization and their support. He will be ready to go to Massachusetts into a foster home mid-January, so please help spread the word to anyone who can foster him in that area.

Because we did not want him to have to go back to the shelter environment he is currently staying at our local boarding facility and getting lots of attention from staff and visitors. He leaves Sunday for his training camp and he has already bonded with his new trainer. Our buddy Moose will be ready for his forever home and we are doing everything possible to make sure that happens.

Thank you all for your continued support of Moose and for helping to find us an approved foster who will have the benefit of spending some time with this love of a dog. Oh one more thing – he snores when he sleeps. 🙂

If you would like to donate to OPERATION MOOSE, please visit our website at www.stjacc.org and donate through PayPal. We will be posting updates throughout his training. Thank you!

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  1. How will you get him there? Is American still allowing pets in cargo? All the other airlines have stopped that method, too many animal injuries and deaths. IS there a reputable trainer on island?

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