Monday Beach Break!

Monday Beach Break!

Good Morning, Good Morning!  Getting a molasses-like move on your Monday?  Me too!  And sometimes when I’m feeling a bit slow to get into the work week, I take five for a drive down to Frank Bay for a little Vitamin Sea therapy.  I don’t know about you, but for me, all it takes is hearing the waves and feeling the wind to get me kicked into gear 🙂

And, while I can’t help you with feeling the wind, I can help with the sweet sights and sounds from a beautiful beach that I love to make quick stopovers at.  It may not be the most glamourous of St. John’s champagne sand beaches.  But, it’s quick and easy access to some quiet beach time if you don’t have many minutes to spare in the day.  In my early years on St. John, before I had a car, I would walk down here a few times a week and do a quick snorkel  before work at Asolare.  And, it is one of the only puppy friendly beaches on St. John.  So, you’re likely to run into some furry friends for some additional feel goods 🙂

It may seem like we are all living down here on a permanent beach vacation…But, I assure you, living on St. John takes some serious hustle!  But, on a busy day, it is always possible to break away for a few minutes of this.  And THAT makes all of the hustle well worth it 🙂

Anyways…I hope a few minutes of beach time is all you need to get a jump start into your week.  Cheers to you all and have a fantastic Monday!



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  1. Thank you I miss that sound up here in Illinois no ocean here lol its a great way to start a day thanks again we love st John once a year we come and don’t want to go home

  2. Coconut Coast Studios is right across the road and has lots of great gifts and art work by St. John artist Elaine Estern!

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