Still time for a little love from St. John

The small island has produced a variety of books.  From the familiar guide to beaches and hiking trails to Caribbean recipes, locals like Gerald Singer, Pam Gaffin, and Gretchen Labrenz have just the right thing for someone on your list this year. If it's a smile or two, try Mike Mullen's story about building what became Villa Tesori.  And there's Chuck Ball's adventure about a treasure hunt and greedy developers want the loot and the island for themselves.Beachguide










Amazon.com's two-day delivery service can get any of these books to you in time for Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Still time for a little love from St. John”

  1. You might also want to check out three novels by St. John author, Wilson Roberts. “The Serpent and the Hummingbird,” while set in the Carolina mountains has an entertaing episode set at Skinny Legs. “Incident on Tuckerman Court” is a complex and entertaining tale and “The Cold Dark Heart of the World” is a supernatural thriller.

  2. Best book on the list is Gretchen’s. It’s about food and eating. All the other stuff some of which I’ve glanced through are mundane, whatever that means

  3. Hello STJ friends!
    I’m wondering if any of you might be able to tell me where I can find Mike Mullen’s Keep left book for less then $100! I swear I ran across it a short time ago on one of the vi online shopping sites but can’t seem to find it now! Any help anyone can give would be much appreciated!

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