Meeting on Oppenheimer Use Tonight

Daily STJ January 7 2014

Ok everyone, there’s a meeting happening tonight that we wanted you all to know about. We aren’t 100 percent experts on the subject, but here is what we do know…

There is an issue regarding Oppenheimer Beach and how it can be used. For years, organizations have been able to hold fundraisers there where food and beverages could be purchased, and music could be played.

Recently it has come to light that a clause in paperwork somewhere stipulates that “for profit” groups cannot use the beach meaning that a fundraiser cannot sell food and drinks, and only “small” bands can play, although it does not say what constitutes what exactly “small” is. And that clause has just started to be enforced.

From what I’ve heard, it has something to do with the Gibney cottages next door. If that’s the case, then that is a valid point. Guests renting these cottages most likely do not want to have a loud party happening next door. This is only my opinion, but if that is indeed fact, hopefully all parties involved can come to a resolution that suits the interests of everyone. I think we should all work together to put some of the love back into Love City. Anyone agree?

The meeting is happening tonight at 5 p.m. at the Cruz Bay Legislature. If you have an opinion either way, you may want to attend. We’ll keep you all posted on this…

6 thoughts on “Meeting on Oppenheimer Use Tonight”

  1. I’ve been to some wonderful parties at the Oppenheimer cottage, and hope that a proper balance can be struck between peace and quiet for the Gibney cottages, and occasional community use of the Oppenheimer cottage, as per Toni’s last wishes. As a physics guy, it is pretty awesome to be able to attend a party at “Oppie’s” old digs.

    All the best,


  2. This is not about fundraising, this is about a small group of people who want to create a loophole whereby event promoters turn this property into a full-fledged concert venue. The Oppenheimer Beach property was deeded to the Government with specific restrictions against exactly the types of activities the planners of this “meeting” would now like to allow. I really feel sorry for the Gibney family who have been the gold standard for land stewardship on St John for generations and are now being subject to a small group of self-interested individuals who want to essentially rezone a public asset for their own financial gain.

  3. I have never attended an event there that was “for profit” (at least not to my knowledge) I wouldn’t think that the Beach to Beach which sold drinks and dogs etc.. is a NON-profit. I am not sure what category Political appointees might fall into but probably FOR- profit but then they give away the food right? I also think that no-one on any beach anywhere should be using decibel levels where you can’t even converse on the site. I do hope a balance can be found- we really NEED a non- federal location that any locals may use RESPECTFULLY.

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