Meet Hillary

Meet Hillary 1
Meet Hillary, one of our new contributors

Hi!  I’m Hillary Bonner.  I’ve been on St. John for 8 years and have worn A LOT of hats in my time on island.  Most of us do tho…A lot of times island life calls for ingenuity, flexibility and resiliency.  And those things are what I kind of LOVE about the people in our Love City Community.

Between boat days and day hikes and happy hours with so many happy faces, you may have seen me behind the bar at Asolare, Zozo’s, The Terrace or Drink (once upon a time, Motu) over the years.  But after Hurricane Irma, I jumped from behind the bar into non-profit work.  That desk job made me remember that, way back when, I DID go to college and I might have been letting some of those skill sets get a BIT rusty.  My degree is in Journalism and Public Relations.  When asked if I ever used it, my programmed response was, “Bar tending IS relating to the public.”

But, back to the desk job…I was doing everything.  Which is, again, what you do in a small office on an island.  Events, marketing, handling in-kind donations, unloading containers, attempting to figure out logistics I didn’t even know how to spell, community meetings, board meetings, FEMA meetings.  All of the meetings.

One day, I decided that there were aspects I loved.  And aspects…Well, not so much.  So I started my own thing, supporting local small businesses and non-profits in the realm of design, marketing and events (specifically music related events…you’ll hear a lot about music from me).  I have a bleeding heart for the small yet ambitious non-profits on St. John.  And an overwhelming amount of respect for the small business owners who made their ideas take flight in a place where it’s very difficult to do so!

I love life here on St. John.  The highs are the highest and the lows are not so low as they can be in other places.  The accessibility to Mother Nature on this little slice of perfection is unparalleled. She’s all around us all of the time.  You can watch the phases of the moon, the rotation of the planets, the shifting of the sunset and the tides.  Every damn day.  Mother Nature’s restless spirit reflects the transient nature of the people here as well.  That was hard for me at first.  The coming and the going.  But now, I like the fact that I will rarely visit a place that I don’t have a place to stay and a friend to catch up with from St. John.

So, now, here I am (using my degree, Ma!).  Contributing to a long standing super positive blog.  Here I feel like I’m in a position to use my voice to entertain and inform you about the community and island that I love so much.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and am ALWAYS open to story ideas!  Let me know what, where or who you want to hear about!