Mon, did it rain!!!

Spicecam1 OK, now maybe this was too much.

Torrential rains hit St. John Monday morning. 

Expected gut-washer runoffs resulted throughout the island.  North shore waters also pretty rough.

Tom Peterson spotted the rain from his perch far off somewhere, thanks to the Spicecam.

While Shelley, the Best Trip Reporter, got out on the North Shore roads around Cinnamon Bay and got her feet (and probably lenses) wet.

Road Gut1

Meanwhile, Inez, the Deputy Inquiring Iguana, surfed into town and, near
the tennis courts, managed to keep the car above water.IMG_0427

4 thoughts on “Mon, did it rain!!!”

  1. Maybe the grass is always greener . . . but as we look forward to our time on St. John in June, even in the pouring rain it looks wonderful! Can’t wait!

  2. I would almost have to say that any rainy day on St. John is better than a rainy day in Indiana! We are counting down the days till we arrive in June! I am still looking for a photographer for my son’s wedding June 6, very small, only 6 people and would need a photographer for only about an hour…any suggestions are appreciated.

  3. Norva, My wife and I will be on St John for two weeks in June I am not a professional photographer, but do have some excellent gear (Digital SLR) I will be bringing. I would be happy to take photos for you, if you can not find another solution.
    I can be contacted at [email protected]

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