TV love from Chesney on ABC

Kennychesney_bigThe Washington Post’s TV Tip for Wednesday night … ‘ Kenny Chesney: Somewhere in the Sun. The briefly married country singer returns to the Caribbean island where he eloped with Renee Zellweger, to show his more relaxed side."  Show Notes.

This show really was "past tense" for Kenny, though.  Just a week or so ago, he released a new album which has nary a mention of the VI’s or St. John, and certainly no promos for the Quiet Mon.  "The Road and the Radio" finds Kenny in a Mexico-state of mind ("Beer in Mexico," "Tequila Loves Me") and at least three songs concentrating on the word "freedom" as in, "no wife."

The TV show will give St John a promotional push (even though the island wasn’t named and his favorite bar, Woody’s, was pictured but unidentified)…  it sounds to me like Kenny has moved on south of the border.

4 thoughts on “TV love from Chesney on ABC”

  1. As a real Kenny Chesney fan you saw the TV show “somewhere in the sun”. Did you feel the urge to walk in his footsteps, to visit the places he was talking about, to experience the sunsets he showed you?
    We can get you there – on a Caribbean sailing vacation.
    Start your Virgin Islands yacht charter in St. Thomas in the Marina American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, where Kenny keeps his motor yacht. Cruise to St. John and have a burger at his favorite beach bar “Woody’s”. Make a tour over the island and see the gorgeous views from the hilltops. Anchor in front of palm fringed beaches like Cannel Bay or Trunk Bay and dive into the turquoise waters for a swim or snorkel trip. Have a drink in the cockpit of your crewed charter yacht “when the sun goes down” and get blown away by an indescribable sunset. Sail the BVI and visit one of his featured restaurants at Jost van Dyke, “Sydney’s love and peace” and have a delicious lobster meal. Swing in the hammock at White Bay and experience yourself the feeling of “living a different pace”.
    No shoes, no shirt, no problem!

  2. Hi Victoria, Great posting of yours.
    I’m sure you paid Frank for the privilege of advertising on his site. If not there is a way of doing it on the upper left corner of this great site.
    /just saying

  3. Victoria:
    People love the islands because they can disappear from the public when they’re there. I don’t think it fair for you to disclose where certain people keep their boats. Fine if you want to name places that they have named themselves in a public forum. Disclosing more that that is just wrong.

  4. based on numerous real estate transactions in the recent past, he’s not falling out of love with stj… maybe he’s just wishing he never promoted it so heavily, as his insane groupies now know exactly where to find him!

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